42 Ways To Make Money As A Singer

Do you dream of making a full-time living from your music career? 

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"After going through this guide, I got two new ideas and booked a wedding cocktail and a charity event which I never would have thought of doing before!"

Katie C, New York USA

"I've always struggled to find gigs and thanks to this guide I booked a beautiful cruise ship job and began my own singing workshops."

Pamela N., London UK

Meet Azania Noah

A successful professional singer and business mentor, who helps ambitious singers learn to manage their own music careers and grow their income to live from their passion.
  • Shined on THE VOICE TV Show in Paris, France, broadcast to over 8 million viewers.

  • Performed over 800 concerts worldwide, from EUROPE to ASIA, AFRICA to the U.S.

  • Sung in prestigious venues, such as New York’s legendary APOLLO Theater and the famous BLUE NOTE jazz club.

  • Over 25 years of professional music experience.