Vocal Success

This vocal success program is available worldwide via Skype, Facetime or Zoom platforms. It is a private vocal coaching experience for singers who want to improve their vocal technique, stage performance, sing with more emotion, and create a healthy singing voice free from strain and tension.

These sessions are customized to your needs to help you release your full vocal potential, arming you with the best tools and techniques to sing with control, power and confidence.

We begin with a thorough vocal evaluation to assess your current needs and condition, as well as discuss your goals. We then focus on training your voice working on your breath control, alignment, stamina, and exercises for range, flexibility, power, emotion and expression.


  • Learning to sing without tension or pain;
  • Gain more confidence in your voice;
  • Project your voice efficiently with vocal power;
  • Improve your breathing techniques and breath control;
  • Improve your vocal tone and resonance;
  • Expand your vocal range to sing higher and lower without strain;
  • Eliminate your vocal breaks to smoothly move through your registers;
  • Improve your stage performance skills.